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165 Maple Road

Easton, CT 06612

(203) 261-8722

A position as a Software Engineering Consultant responsible for all phases in the development of PC based Telephony projects utilizing GUIs, Networks, and Databases.

Awarded a Microsoft Developer MVP (Most Valuable Participant) award every year since 1996 for my contributions and assistance online in the Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) news group and other locations.

In 1997 I developed and taught a two day course on TAPI development for Genoa Technologies of San Jose, CA. Genoa continued to present this course monthly for several years after.

February 2005 to Present
ShoreTel, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA. Off-site Senior Applications Engineer.

C# .NET, MSVC++ 6.0, COM, Visual Basic 6.0 & .NET, TAPI, Telephony, TCP/IP, Windows 2003 and XP.

Designed and developed a COM object using MSVC++ 6.0 which wraps and simplifies the ShoreTel Client and Server TAPI and wave device interfaces. This object supports the development of applications like desktop based click-to-call and screen pop integrations as well as server based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems. Also developed a number of sample applications in both C# and Visual Basic including a rich object browser which allows manually steping through call and media scenarios. Another of the samples provides screen pop and click-to-call integration. The object and samples form the core of the ShoreTel Developer's Network program.

June 1999 to February 2005
INTERACTIVE INTELLIGENCE, INC., Indianapolis, IN. Off-site Independent Software Consultant.

MSVC++ 6.0 with MFC, Windows NT, TAPI, TCP/IP.

Designed and developed a Telephony Server to interface Interactive Intelligence's Call Center product (Interaction Center) to various vendor's telephony platforms via Microsoft's TAPI. The server provides a complete state machine allowing full IVR operations (using wave support of the respective vendors) as well as all possible call control operations for IVR, ACD, Voice Mail and end user client operations. I have developed interfaces to the following telephony platforms:

June 1994 to June 1999
EXECUTONE INFORMATION SYSTEMS (since acquired by Inter-Tel), Computer Telephony Division, Milford, CT. Independent Software Consultant.

MSVC++ 6.0 and 1.52c with MFC, Windows NT, 95/98 and 3.1, TAPI & TAPI SPI, CSTA, TSAPI, MS RPCs, NETBIOS, Serial communications, WinSockets, TCP/IP, DAO.

Designed and developed Executone's CT Server. This server is a Win32 MFC NT Service which allows applications to interface to Executone's PBX switch via the CSTA protocol. Also developed associated remote administration program as well as a browser client application. Designed and developed Executone's Ultimate Operator Application. This application, developed in Win32 MFC, is a client of the CT Server and provides advanced operator functionality in conjunction with an Executone PBX. The Ultimate Operator was awarded a "Best of CT Expo '97" from Teleconnect Magazine. Designed and developed two Microsoft's Telephony API (TAPI) Service Providers (TSPs). The first TSP was developed for TAPI for Win 3.1 and Win 95 (TAPI versions 1.3 & 1.4). It connects directly to Executone's TAPI-160 and TAPI-ACD phone models via a serial connection. The first TSP was awarded a "Best of CT Expo '96" from Teleconnect Magazine. The second TSP was developed for TAPI for NT 4.0 (TAPI version 2.0/2.1) and communicates directly with Executone's PBX switch via the CT Server.

July 1993 to May 1994 and January 1992 to November 1992
DATAEASE INTERNATIONAL, INC., Trumbull, CT. Project Leader.

Borland C & C++, MS Windows 3.0 & 3.1 SDK, OS/2 2.1.

Designed and coded portions of the user interface layer of DataEase for Windows. Product consists of an object oriented forms front end talking to numerous back end relational DBs through a common access technology.

December 1992 to June 1993
IBM HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING & COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION, Milford, CT. Advisor Programmer in the Multimedia Systems, Applications and Services Group.

MS C++ 7.0, Windows 3.1 SDK, MS NT, IBM LAN Server, TCP/IP, Visual BASIC.

Responsible for Technical Design and Development of Multimedia software products intended to run on a high speed data network. Developed prototypes of the user interface of a video conferencing and groupware product.

December 1988 to December 1991
COORDINATION TECHNOLOGY, INC., Trumbull, CT. Director of Software Development.

MS C 6.0 & 7.0, MS Windows 3.0 & 3.1 SDK, OS/2 1.3 with Presentation Manager, IBM OS/2 EE, Microsoft LAN Manager, Microsoft SQL Server.

Led the design and development of the MS Windows version of CTI's networked groupware product Together as well as shared responsibility for the OS/2 PM version of the product. In 1991, Together was awarded LAN Magazine's "Product of the Year in the Groupware Category". Together encompassed electronic mail, shared document storage and scheduling features.

Responsible for developing functional specifications with Product Management, leading Engineers in design and development, and working with Documentation and Quality Assurance departments.

June 1988 to November 1988
CONTEL MARKET DATA SYSTEMS, Shelton, CT. Member, Technical Staff

C++, Interactive UNIX V.3, Informix SQL, TCP/IP.

Designed data base API layer for a client server financial information system for traders using Informix's Networked SQL DB.

August 1985 to May 1988

C, 8086 assembly, MS DOS internals, NETBIOS, X25, Serial communications.

Designed and developed a PC based, real time financial data base engine for support of client server brokerage systems. Managed other engineers in development of the workstation client associated with my server and others.

September 1982 to July 1985
MECA SOFTWARE, Westport, CT. Software Engineer.

Programmed PC products including Andrew Tobias' Managing your Money and a BASIC language debugger in C and assembler for the IBM PC and Apple II.

September 1980 to August 1982
PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA, Computer Systems and Services Office, Roseland, NJ. Assistant Programmer Analyst.

IBM 370 Mainframe MVS systems programmer.

UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, MOORE SCHOOL OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, Philadelphia, PA. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. Graduated May 1980.

Dwight Franklin International School, London, England. Graduated May 1975.

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