DBWin32 Version 2.2

Registration no longer required for full functionality!

DBWin32, the debug and trace message output capture and display utility for Windows NT, Win2K, XP, ME, '95 and '98!

This is the utility you've been looking for! It let's you capture and display output generated by Win32 based programs using the OutputDebugString function (MFC programmers use this through the TRACE macro.) This is a great tool when running a debugger is too much of a hassle or is inappropriate. For example debugging Client/Server programs, Active X objects, Internet Server Extensions, NT Services, etc. It can even be used in live released systems to allow you to "look beneath the covers" of your running programs. And now, with version 2.2's remote viewing capability you can watch output from multiple programs running on multiple PCs at the same time from one location.

  • Support for Windows '95/'98 with one time VXD installation. NO PROGRAM MODIFICATIONS REQUIRED!
  • Capture of 16 bit in addition to 32 bit output on NT and now on Windows '95/'98.
  • Remote display of output captured on one PC from another via a TCP/IP connection.
  • Logging to file facility.
  • Output tagging options including line number, date, time and process ID (for output captured under NT).
  • Decoupled UI and logging allows DBWin32 to keep up with very high output rates.
  • Setable internal buffer size allows DBWin32 to capture output for remote display at a later time.
  • Extensive options allow system to be configured in various modes:
  • Numerous other features, display enhancements and bug fixes.

    Screen Shots

  • DBWin32 Screen showing local and remote viewing

  • DBWin32 Options Dialog

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    Click here to Download DBWin32 Version 2.2 (DBWINV2.ZIP).

    DBWin32 Version 2 Registration

    Note: Registration for non-commercial use is now optional. Registration within 30 days is still required for commercial use.

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